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What is your theological background?

Since 1991, I've had the joy of faithfully serving two
congregations simultaneously, one in rural White Cloud, Kansas, and the other in urban Kansas City.


I was ordained by Covenant Christian Center to pastoral ministry, and again to National Ministry to Trumpet In Zion International Interdenominational Ministries. 

I also served the Greater Kansas City Interfaith Council as the Christian Protestant Council Member for some years.  Always an advocate of unity and pluralism of all people of all faith, I have actively worked to serve the community in this endeavor.

How long have you been performing weddings?

From the time of my ordination, in 1991, I have been called upon to marry couples in both traditional and non-traditional weddings. 
I have united more than 75 unions together in holy matrimony; Many have been parishioners; some from the local community.

What do you like BEST about weddings?

Few things in ministry bring greater joy, than when I'm given the honor of uniting two hearts together in one union.   The bonding of two families together as "in-loves", and the sharing of hopes and dreams between two people in love.

Helping our couples actualize the vision of becoming one, on their special day, is absolutely part of the divine!

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What couples are saying about Rev Regina...

"We had the pleasure of having Reverend Regina officiate our wedding.

There are truly not enough words to express how amazing she was and she felt like family! Her spirit is beautiful and welcoming!


From the first moment we reached out to The God Squad, we have been taken care of. They are kind, professional, and does an excellent job communicating any changes.

10/10 HIGHLY recommend!"

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