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The GOD Squad Ministers in a Minute is a Nationally acclaimed wedding minister service serving the Memphis and Jackson Tennessee areas, as well as Oxford Mississippi & Tupelo Mississippi, Louisville, KY,  Kansas City Kansas, Topeka Kansas, Wichita Kansas, Lawrence Kansas, Kansas City Missouri, Jefferson City MO, Springfield Missouri, Branson Missouri, Tulsa Oklahoma. Huntsville, Alabama, Little Rock Arkansas, Hot Springs Arkansas, Fayetteville Arkansas,
Fort Smith Arkansas, Jonesboro Arkansas, Ozarks areas.

The GOD Squad Ministers in a Minute is a Nationally acclaimed wedding minister service serving the Kansas City Kansas, Topeka Kansas, Lawrence Kansas, Kansas City Missouri, Springfield Missouri, Branson Missouri, Fayetteville Arkansas, Ozarks areas, as well as Memphis and Jackson Tennessee areas. Weddings on Sundays, Holidays, or booked less than 48 hours before the wedding, will be assessed an additional fee, beginning at $100 above our regular price. Our BASIC ceremony is performed with either our traditional or secular ceremonies;  Minor changes are permitted, but major changes*, or performing an alternate ceremony converts the ceremony to our CUSTOM option, and the additional fees will be assessed to the credit card on file. 

The GOD Squad wedding ministers reserves the right to refuse to marry any couple.  Ministers in a Minute, Mid-south God Squad, God Squad, and God Squad films are all registered trademarks of Ministers in a Minute LLC  Wedding Ceremony Officiant / Justice of the Peace, wedding officiant, wedding minister, wedding officiants, wedding ministers, wedding ceremony, marriage ceremonies, wedding services, marriage officiant, wedding officiate, wedding pastor, wedding pastors, wedding celebrant, reverend, wedding clergy, priest, rabbi, Kansas City wedding ministers, Kansas City notaries, Kansas City marriage officiants, Kansas City wedding officiants, Kansas City Officiants, Kansas City officiant, Kansas City wedding officiant, Kansas City wedding minister, Kansas City minister, Kansas City marriage officiant, Kansas City judges, Kansas City wedding priest, Kansas City priest, Kansas City ceremony officiant, Kansas City clergy, Kansas City clergyman, Kansas City reverend, Kansas City rabbi, Kansas City rabbis, Kansas City notary,Kansas City notary public, Kansas City wedding ceremony, Kansas City marriage ceremony, Kansas City civil ceremony, Kansas City non denominational, Kansas City wedding service, Kansas City wedding services, Kansas City wedding, Kansas City weddings in or near the mid-west for Brides in Kansas City, Independence, Lenexa, Overland Park, Lee's Summit, Shawnee, Kensington, Lykins, Washinton Weatley, Raytown, and other cities and townships in the mid-west area.Wichita wedding ministers, Wichita notaries, Wichita marriage officiants, Wichita wedding officiants, Wichita Officiants, Wichita officiant, Wichita wedding officiant, Wichita wedding minister, Wichita minister, Wichita marriage officiant, Wichita judges, Wichita wedding priest, Wichita priest, Wichitaceremony officiant, Wichita clergy,  Wichita clergyman, Wichita reverend, Wichita rabbi,  Wichita rabbis,  Wichita  notary, Wichita  notary public, Wichita wedding ceremony, Wichita marriage ceremony, Wichita civil ceremony, Wichita non denominational, Wichita wedding service, Wichita wedding services, Wichita wedding, Wichita weddingsTopeka wedding ministers, Topeka notaries, Topeka marriage officiants, Topeka wedding officiants, Topeka Officiants, Topeka officiant, Topeka wedding officiant,  Topeka wedding minister, Topeka minister, Topeka  marriage officiant, Topeka  judges, Topeka wedding priest,  Topeka  priest, Topeka ceremony officiant, Topeka clergy, Topeka clergyman, Topeka reverend, Topeka rabbi, Topeka rabbis,  notary, Topeka notary public, Topeka wedding ceremony, Topeka marriage ceremony,  civil ceremony,  Topeka non denominational, Topeka wedding service, Topeka wedding services, Topeka wedding, Topeka weddings
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