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What is your theological background?

I am an ordained Presbyterian Minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA). We are a church in the Reformed tradition, descended from the Church of Scotland.

How long have you been performing weddings?

I have been celebrating weddings for 19 years.

What do you like BEST about weddings?

I enjoy the moment when all of the preparation is done, and we're in the moment, and I get to see from close range all of the emotions that the couple are experiencing. The looks on their faces when they see each other, the catch in their voices when they say their vows, the moments that only happen live and with love.

What couples are saying about Brother Wade...

"Simple & Easy - Great Experience

Nothing but good things to say about Brother Wade. He was on time, professional, and had a great sense of humor. As the groom, he made me feel very relaxed as we waited for the ceremony to start.

Communication was excellent before and after. Highly recommend especially when your venue is not in your local town and you are clueless on where to find a minister. Simple answer - God Squad!"

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